La Palma Reggae Foundation is a Reggae-Lovers group which began on “facebook” in the year 2009.
Born as a forum-links, it has became very popular among the Reggae community with more than 10.000 members, non stop music-links and photos shared every day, with respect between brothers and sisters from all parts of the world.
As a gift to all the reggae music listeners, funs and friendship network, it's now open this web-page dedicated to the original Reggae music born in Jamaica at the beginning of ‘60s and rise to the present days.
Here you can listen and enjoy some mixed selections of roots reggae music and learn more about many composers, singers and bands playing around the world from the roots of reggae (ska-rocksteady) also shared with their best works linked from youtube.
A list of some cultural reggae-movies, hoping you'll enjoy you visit.
With Love, Peace and Positive vibrations.
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** Roots - Reggae Radio **

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